Friday, May 4, 2012

Posters Re-Imagined: 'The Avengers' Edition

At this point, who hasn't seen a TV Spot, Trailer, or Poster somewhere for Marvel's biggest bet, 'The Avengers'?!  Exactly.  So to kick off Film Authority's 'Avengers' themed Day-O-Coverage, let's flip the marketing on it's ear and take a look at the B-side of 'The Avengers' from some creative minds, shall we? 

Without further adieu, Posters Re-Imagined: 'The Avengers' Edition.

Next Film's rendition of what 'The Avengers' would look like as an independent film:
Has a very 'Little Miss Sunshine' feel to it...

Selected prints from the Assemble exhibit that Gallery 1988 is holding in Los Angeles right now...
Gallery 1988 Assemble - Rhys Cooper
Too much testosterone to include Bruce Banner??  It looks like Thor wants a piece of Black Widow...

DKNG Studios
Clean, simple.  I like it.

Caring For Others - Scott Campbell
AWESOME. POSTER.  This is from Scott Campbell, and it is going up on my fridge kiddo!

Finally, my favorite prints come from Mondo, a collectible arthouse boutique in Austin TX.  We'll start by supporting the two least cared-about characters on the team:

The Avengers - Hawkeye Mondo Poster
Still not sure what the world's best archer has to offer a team with a Hulk, but I guess we'll see...

The Avengers - Black Widow Mondo Poster
From Russia With Guns... And awesome boobs.  I would totally see this movie.

The Avengers - Thor Mondo Poster
It looks like Chris Hemsworth was lumberjacking in his free time and they superimposed his head on a drawing... in a good way.

The Avengers - Captain America Mondo Poster
I actually like this poster more than anything I saw for the 'Captain America: The First Avenger' movie.  They really should enlist artists to create posters for summer blockbusters.
The Avengers - Hulk Mondo Poster
Is that an alien in the background?? Damn you, Ridley Scott!!  Stay in your own movie!!

The Avengers - Iron Man Mondo Poster
Cool... I still prefer Black Widow's poster...
'The Avengers' is in theaters and IMAX 3D today!!! Get your tickets!!!

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